Nov. 20, 2020

China virus lockdowns in full swing again

China virus lockdowns in full swing again


Here we go again.

March is back, and its after your freedom - yet again. 

Crazy, tyrannical Democrat governors across America are imposing more lockdowns and restrictions because of an increase in China virus cases. With no federal stimulus package on the horizon, thanks to Crazy Nancy Pelosi, this will prove to be a death-blow to countless small businesses. The economic devastation these actions cause is no secret. It is an absolute tragedy.

Democrats seem to be making restaurants, bars, and schools their primary targets - despite no evidence of statistically significant spread in schools (in fact, a great deal of evidence exists to the contrary).

This is a fact beyond any degree of arguability. The WHO is even clear on this - schools are not significant source of spread of the virus. Yet, we are all aware of the crucial role schools play on our lives as parents - and more importantly, the lives of our children. Issues involving abuse, poor nutrition, gaps in childcare, social isolation, emotional detrements, and certainly education (remote learning is no substitute for actual in-person learning) are all enflamed with the closure of schools. Why is the self-proclaimed "party of the science" ignoring this very important science?

The health risk posed by the virus itself should not be ignored, but should be kept into perspective. The reality is, we have all learned a great deal about this virus over the course of the year. There is certianly a segment of the population that needs to be protected until a vaccine is widely available. In particular, that is elderly residents of nursing homes and long-term-care facilities. In fact, at the time of this writing, over half of the 230,000 "COVID related deaths" in the US have been individuals aged 75 and up. Moreover, we also know that over 90% of all "COVID related deaths" have at least one other comorbidity involved.

The science is abudantly clear on this. We ought to focus on protecting our elderly population, not locking down the young and healthy and crashing our economy in the process. That makes no scientific sense whatsoever.

For the vast majority of us, the virus tends to be largely benign. For some reason, nobody tells us this - but it's easy to see upon a little research and exercising a bit of common sense.

That is precisely why the rhetoric and fear mongering language used by many Democrat governors is troubling. As an example of this, Kentucky's Democrat governor, Andy Beshear, loves to reference refrigeration trucks hauling dead bodies...I wish I were joking.

"I don’t want the state to ever see a refrigeration truck coming in because we need it for for our lost loved ones."

We know the vast majority of people are not at significant risk. We know who we need to protect. So why paint this kind of dark, grim picture for your entire state to see? It's disturbing.

As Joe Biden loves to say, a "dark winter" looms. He is right. Despite major advancements in therapeutics, a plummeting death rate, and two vaccines merely weeks away...we are headed for a dark winter. Not because of the virus, but because our state leaders are telling us we need to be afraid - science and reality be damned.

Very ironic coming from the "party of science."